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Small things are difficult to find in the Canadian Rockies! 
These majestic Giants tower above all else…these mountains rise up to kiss the sky - you hear them, you feel them.  They carry a Universal weight... Each horizon offering a variation of glaciers and unique peaks.  The next one equally as magical as the last... Every angle worth capturing! 


In fall of 2021, my husband and I and our foxy dog, Marny, embarked on a Rocky Mountain roadtrip with the purpose of adventure, recharging and capturing epic scenery to create new artworks.  In addition to visiting the iconic locations and viewpoints of the area, we also did some exploring off the beaten track.  After sifting through over more than a thousand photos, I created this new artwork collection to celebrate some of the golden fall moments and the jaw dropping beauty of the Canadian Rockies.  The photography is taken from Banff National Park, Canmore, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Bow Valley Parkway, and The Icefields Highway.

"Through this collection, I aim to share an artistic representation of these natural wonders.  Enjoy!"

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